So SO close -- claim your new car


Two days left to go for this campaign!

And as I’m sure anyone who’s ever run a crowdfunding campaign has probably experienced, every day is exponentially more intense. So with the finish line and the hardest two days ahead of me, I wanted to send one last pitch for the prizes we’re offering.

Yes, this is a “what do I have to do to get you to go home with this beautiful car” sort of situation, but I legitimately believe that these prizes are awesome. So if you allow, I’d like to go into the highlights because when you go home with THIS car, you are going to be satisfied AF.

Tattoo your name onto me

This is the place where if you’re an eccentric millionaire reading this, we have a win-win situation for you!

I don’t have a tattoo, nor do I want a tattoo. But I want this endeavor to succeed no matter what. So yes, I am willing to tattoo your name or the name of your brand onto me. This might be your only opportunity to have someone willingly do this. I’d jump on it.

Make a show

Our #1 goal is to create tons and tons of opportunities for those who’ve ever had a dream of making a show, and we’re offering many ways to do so, including.

  • Full length shows. Pool your money together to have your show financed and distributed by us, possibly for seasons and seasons, and ideally sell your show to a larger network (growing your fanbase up on our site).

  • Get opportunities to have your show short-listed and voted upon by fans.

  • Get access to our pitchroom, and have a chance to wind up on said short-list.

Be the coolest person ever

On Candivan, we’re going to have all sorts of statuses that you can earn and lord over everyone else’s head. These include

  • VIP where you’ll get to have your voice heard louder than anyone else’s. You’ll get into exclusive voting rooms. Everyone is equally important--except you, who’s more important.

  • Executive Producer. You get your name cemented forever as an executive producer on a show, you forever get “Executive Producer” status on our site, AND you get invited to exclusive producer conferences.

  • Lumiere Club. Yes, this is the most special country club of all Candivan Memberships. You will be treated like royalty, and be invited to all special events FOREVER. This is something we’re going to change a very expensive monthly membership for, BUT NOT FOR YOU. You will be the only people who will get to be a member of this club without paying forever. This is the only time this will ever be offered.

Be famous

Here’s your road to super-stardom. We offer several ways to appear in shows including these:

  • Major role in our flagship show, The Madams

  • Speaking roles in various series

  • Appearance as an extra in one of our shows

  • Contestant spot in one of our reality shows

  • Getting to write a scene for one of our shows

Discount classes

We have several top-level teachers who are part of the campaign and offering discount rates on their classes.

  • Screenwriting classes and consultations by screenwriting guru Koji Steven Sakai

  • Corporate workshop improv training by long-time teacher performer, Chris Blair (hey—that’s me)

  • Public speaking course by expert Jessica Yeh

So much choice

One of the main things we want to change with Candivan is that we want to give viewers a full say in the content that we make. We give those who donate to our campaign a say in some of the shows that we create, with various levels in how loud your voice is heard.

Free subscription

And of course, the greatest part of a streaming service is being able to watch the content on it. We give subscribers free access to our shows.

And there’s even more than this. We want to make this streaming site more than just another platform--it’s a community, and all of these rewards are designed to allow you deeper into the community. Experience this in person, when you attend one of our launch parties!

So please, donate now, and help make this thang happen.

Ends Wednesday morning!!!

Peace, love, and Kit Kat Bars,