Your Candivan is arriving now!

Screenshot (3).png

Oh hell yes!!!!!!

After years on working on and perfecting our streaming platform, our Indiegogo campaign is FINALLY live:


We have a ton of dope perks, including the following:

  • Several opportunities to have us finance/ make any show you want to make 

  • Free subscriptions to our platform

  • Special exclusive ranks, like VIP, Executive Producer, and our super exclusive Lumiere Club

  • The ability to vote for shows

  • Special invites to our launch parties in SF and LA

  • Show sponsorship opportunities

  • And the grand prize...drum roll...Chris Blair, the founder of Candivan, will tattoo your name onto himself. Yeah, you read that right. BTW, he currently has no tattoos, but that's how dedicated he is to making Candivan a reality.

Candivan will be a platform where any creator can have an opportunity to make a professional show (and possibly even sell it to a network), and where viewers will be the producers.

It will be the first ever television meritocracy, full of opportunities for the filmmakers and interactivity and control for the audience. As great as television is getting, we know that things can be even better for all sides.

But the only way that this can happen is if we hit our goal for Indiegogo.

We're on our way now, but you can help make this dream a reality (and of course get some BADASS perks). Please donate now, and be one of the people that made Candivan happen.

Peace, love, and Kit Kat Bars,
The Candivan Team