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Check out the trailers for CANDIVAN OriginalS

Dark Comedy about Sex and Murder

Comedy about a Has-Been Actress

Shakespearean Drama in an NBA Franchise

Sci-Fi Involving Psychics and Scams

Anthology Drama Dealing with the the Darkest Topics





As you read this, Candivan is working with talented creators to bring you fresh web tv series in early 2019.

Candivan is a launching pad for experimental or edgy series.  Candivan collaborates with independent creators from across the US to finance and stream original shows.

We aim to discover new artists and fresh new stories by creating a platform where we produce the types of shows not picked up by regular networks. We give creators a budget, an audience, and a chance to have their show continue or get bought by a large network.

Candivan is also building a social layer: an engaged and active community of subscribers, who decide which shows continue to get made-- Candivan ‘micro executive producers’.  These viewers are the ones who decide our lineup and make creator’s dreams come true.

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